Our newest experience is a real challenge – both physically and mentally! The Mind + Body Triathlon is a one hour class that focuses on connecting the three powerful practices of fitness, yoga and meditation.

After a quick warm up in Solidago Gardens, the class begins by establishing physical body awareness and connection with the breath to prepare the mind and body for what is to come.

Next, we take the class outdoors for a fitness session focused on connecting with the earth, grounding with the surroundings and being aware of the senses.  Being in the midst of nature helps collect Prana: our source of life force and energy. Framing our workout with this helps us maximize movement. This session incorporates intense strength training, including rings and ropes hanging from trees and moving tractor tires.

Once the outdoor session is completed, we head back into Solidago to focus our energy on a Hatha yoga practice. This portion aligns the pathways for Prana to flow freely through the body and challenge the body physically in a different way, with stretching.

Finally, the class closes with a meditation practice. This sequence uses mindfulness of breath to cultivate healing energies, gradually leading the mind to a calm and peaceful state. From there we recognize a joyous abundant universe where we breathe the same air, share the same life force energy, and embody one

At the end of the triathlon we reflect on our growth, and if you’d like to continue – take a walk through the Labryinth!