If you are attending the Mike Beck Concert & Dinner benefitting the Joyful Horse Foundation on the evening of October 18, you are in for a magical night!

The event starts with a delicious dinner from Broken Arrow Ranch featuring free-range venison, antelope and wild boar meat paired with craft beers from Rahr & Sons Brewery. The meats are raised free-range and grass-fed in the heart of Texas Hill Country before being humanely harvested for the highest quality dining. At just nine years old, Rahr & Sons has impressed the Fort Worth community with their specialty and seasonal beers, each with their own character akin to the fun brewery folks.

The following feast at the Travaasa Farm awaits you…


Broken Arrow Ranch Wild Boar Cottage Pie

Mini Open Faced Reuben Sandwiches with Broken Arrow Ranch Venison Pastrami

Bar H Ranch Quail Leg Corn Dog

Rahr and Son’s Texas Red


Bar H Ranch Quail Tender Chili, Sunny Up Quail Egg, Broken Arrow Ranch Summer Sausage

Rahr and Son’s Summertime Wheat


Broken Arrow Ranch South Texas Antelope Roulade, Roasted Oyster Mushroom, Farm Greens, Butternut-Parsnip Puree, Red Grape Balsamic Reduction

Rahr and Son’s Ugly Pug Black Lager


Broken Arrow Ranch Venison Bratwurst, Smoked Wild Boar Rack, Kombu White Bean

Rahr and Son’s Oktoberfest


Broken Arrow Ranch Axis Venison and South Texas Antelope Mincemeat Pie, Ginger Creme Brûlée Ice Cream

Rahr and Son’s Angry Goat Weizenbock