At Travaasa, “wellness” is one of our core pillars and a vital component for having a well-rounded retreat, which is why we offer an array of guided meditation classes and harmonizing yoga practices. But perhaps the most enjoyable wellness experience can be found in our sanctuary-like spa.

Discover The Spa at Travaasa Austin, where we offer a comprehensive lineup of treatments, from holistic healing to massages to water therapy. Whether you’re looking to feel energized, refreshed or just find a moment of serenity, our talented, intuitive staff can help you on your journey. We sat down with our Lead Massage Therapist, Samantha, to glean some insight on Travaasa’s best spa treatments, must-try products and quick tips for relaxation.

Name: Samantha Manrique

How Long Have You Been a Massage Therapist?  I’ve been a licensed massage therapist for eight years, practicing Thai, shiatsu, Swedish, sports and deep tissue massage, as well as craniosacral, Reiki and myofascial work.

Why do you like working at Travaasa?  Travaasa is beautiful and fun. The spa staff is extremely positive, professional, intuitive and warm hearted.

What are your favorite spa products at Travaasa? The organic, plant-based product lines Primavera and Anakiri never cease to impress me.

What is your favorite spa treatment at Travaasa? It’s hard to choose just one! My top three are the Rejuvenating Clay and Aloe Wrap, Watsu and the Native Blends Facial.

What is a quick-tip for distressing? Give aromatherapy and essential oils a try. I use essential oils in my daily life, for relaxation, oral care, immune support, culinary enhancement, skin care and pain relief from tough workouts. I even wrote a blog post about using aromatherapy for stress-free travel.

Where would you like to spend a dream vacation?  Thailand, India or the moon.