At Travaasa Austin, one of the many experiences you can partake in is our Equine Program, where guests develop self-awareness through close interaction with majestic horses, and begin on a journey of heightened personal understanding.  With five horses on property, Travaasa aims to deliver a holistic approach to horse care and management, focusing on the energy of the horse and its interaction with humans.
We sat down with Travaasa Austin’s Equestrian Program Director, to get an inside look at what he thinks makes this program special, as well as learn some personal information about Travaasa’s very own cowboy.

  • Name: Keith Moon
  • Position at Travaasa Austin: Equestrian Program  Director
  • Hometown: Born in England, but I’ve lived all over the world.
  • Interesting Personal Fact: I’m an extensive world traveler….there seems to be this notion that cowboys don’t travel….
  • How Long Have You Been Working With Horses: Over 40 years.
  • Favorite Place to Go Riding: One of my favorite places are the mountains of Montana.
  • Favorite Horse: I like them all, but Hydro, an English Sire Quarter Horse cross, is one of my favorites.
  • One of the Most Unique Aspects to Travaasa’s Equine Program: It’s about celebrating the guest’s spirit of adventure.  It’s out of the box.  All about having fun!
  • Why Do You Love Austin: It’s an outdoor, health-oriented city.  I also love Hill Country.
  • Most Embarrassing Moment on a Horse: I was once bucked off a horse riding bareback at a rodeo, and was drug around behind him until my pants came off.
  • If Horses Could Teach us One Thing, What Would it Be: To reflect on how we interact with each other.