At Travaasa, one of our core pillars is culinary.  We value fresh and nourishing cuisines, and are honored to have such an innovative chef leading our menu.  Meet Ben, Travaasa Austin’s Executive Chef.  With his passion for baking breads and pastries and a dedication to seasonal, organic and local ingredients, Baker is revolutionizing spa cuisine.

Name: Benjamin Baker

Occupation: Travaasa Austin Executive Chef

Nickname: Ben, Benny, Ben-jammin’, Uncle Ben…….etc. (heh, heh)

Hometown: First Memories were in San Jose CA.

Personal Fact About Yourself: Started a three piece rock band in Maui. Played bass, and led vocals, all original. Played out live often, and had a hour and a half set live on Mana’o Radio. Plan to begin a new project once life permits (guitarist re-located to Austin as well).  

Favorite ingredient to use: Roast Coriander (this is a tough question……too many choices)

Signature dish: Eye of Texas- Cocoa and coffee dusted Eye of Ribeye, with a blackberry Merlot sauce. Also Miso Trout- Miso Coated Steel Head Trout, with Wasabi Mashed Potatoes and Sugar Snap Peas. Spiced Chick Pea Cakes with Roast Tomatoes and Tamarind Sauce (to name a few)

Favorite style of cooking: Simple, Fresh, Bold, and Balanced

When did you discover your passion for cooking?  At a young age, I cooked for my siblings regularly, and found a passion.

Tip for any aspiring chefs out there? Become as well-rounded as possible. Diversify. Do not become complacent. Explore, Experiment, and Love what you do. Do not shy away from hard work. I enjoy being creative and I love nourishing and satisfying our guests. We’re celebrating food in its most natural form with emphasis on organic, seasonal and local ingredients.