Spring is here and drawing Travaasa visitors out of their winter slump and into the fresh air. Whether visiting our property in Austin or Hana, now is the time to prepare your body, mind and soul for the warm weather ahead and the activities that come with it. May is Nurture Month at Travaasa, and we have a variety of wellness treatments, experiences and classes designed to boost your energy levels and leave you feeling refreshed, balanced and ready to take on the summer months.

While taking the time to nurture your own body and soul during the month of May, why not consider spending some quality time at the Travaasa Spa with Mom in honor of Mother’s Day?

Here is a first look at some other Nurture Month favorites:

Juicing and Well Being

Learn unique combinations of fruit and vegetable juices that nurture your body and promote better health and well-being.

Nurturing Hatha Yoga

Hatha may be the most common form of yoga practiced by Westerners, but practicing in Hana elevates this yoga variation to an uncommonly spectacular level. Rooted in the foundational techniques of yoga asanas, this class will focus on alignment of poses, awareness of breath and intention to nurture the mind, body and spirit.

Nurturing Breath & Meditation

This nurturing ritual helps bring awareness to our moment-to-moment experiences. Engage in a simple (but not easy) practice of acceptance, letting go, non-striving and suspension of the judgmental mind. Leave with a deep sense of openness and receptivity to yourself, others and the moment as it unfolds.

Nurture Your Feet

Your feet are an extremely vital part of your musculo-skeletal system and can affect all the joints above if not properly cared for. In this class, you will learn how to massage, strengthen and nurture your feet, helping you to achieve and maintain good posture, alignment, mobility and back health. You will also learn how to stimulate various areas of the foot to nurture certain organs.

Nurturing Your Hips and Knees with Yoga  

Whether you’re on your feet all day or sit in a desk chair from 9–5, your hips and knees can always use a bit of focused nurturing. Yoga can help ease tension while also giving you greater awareness of overworked joints. Expect to leave this class with improved range of motion.

Embrace Journaling

Journaling is a therapeutic practice used to open your heart and mind to your inner self. Embrace this therapy to learn about yourself and how you relate with others and the universe as a whole.

The Farm at Travaasa

A fan of the farm to table dinner? We’ve got you covered.  We here at the Travaasa farm are growing the highest quality produce in the region, using all organic practices, to supply food for our kitchen and provide guests with programs to participate in throughout the year. Classes include everything from seeding and identifying edible plants, to composting, chicken care and much more.

For more details on Nurture Month, check the experience page for a full list of activities this May.