In honor of Man Month this June, we wanted to introduce you to some of the “main men” who we’re proud to claim as our Travaasa team members. First up, meet Jeff Compton, Travaasa Austin’s Bike Man. Jeff is an avid cyclist who lives and breathes all things spokes, pedals and gears. He can usually be found hanging out with Austin’s resort guests at the Pump Track or touring around the Texas Hill Country on Travaasa Austin’s extensive network of mountain biking trails, all of which were developed by our Bike Man himself!

Here is what Jeff has to say about Man Month at Travaasa this June:

What is your role at Travaasa?

I am the Bike Program Lead at Travaasa Austin, so I manage the Pump Track and lead Mountain Bike tours, as well as offer private skills sessions for those guests interested in really stepping up their bike game. Aside from resort programming, I also do the maintenance on the pump track, mountain bike trails and Travaasa’s fleet of bikes.

What is something most people don’t know about you?

Well, my favorite place to go mountain biking is Cameron Park in Waco, Texas. With 15 miles of twisting paths, Cameron Park features a fantastic National Recreation Trail system and there is so much more terrain than you would ever expect. Whether you just want to take a leisurely bike ride along the River Trail, traverse 100-foot bluffs or rip down the country side for a surge of adrenaline, the park is a great spot for an outdoor adventure.

What do you consider to be #ManSkills?

Pretty much any activity in which males generally excel. Me, personally? I happen to be very good at making a mess, getting dirty, taking (what some women believe to be unnecessary) risks, breaking and fixing things for no reason other than to see how they work, you know, activities that make our mothers quietly shake their heads.

What is your ultimate man skill?

I’m kind of super-human. I have the unique ability to heal as fast as the Wolverine after mountain bike crashes. My animal-keen senses aren’t too bad either.

What is your favorite part about Man Month at Travaasa?

Isn’t it obvious? I love seeing how many takers we get for the wall ride on the pump track. When I introduce a guest to the track for the first time, they often times say that there’s no way they’ll be able to ride the bike on it. Once the intimidation factor wears off and they’ve gone around a few times, you’ll see them go faster around the course and ride higher on the berms. The bike program at Travaasa Austin is a great confidence booster and always proves to be a great time.

Do you ever visit the Travaasa Austin spa? Do you have any tips for “man-spa-ing?”

Of course! Who would pass up the chance to unwind in that star-lit cave if given the opportunity? As for my man-spa-ing tip, relax. Easier said than done sometimes, but seriously, just chill out and go to your happy place.