Earlier this week we introduced Travaasa Austin’s Bike Man, Jeff Compton, who shared his Man Month knowledge from a two-wheeled perspective. We’re switching gears for another one of Travaasa’s “main men” who can usually be found wearing a pair of well-broken-in cowboy boots on the Travaasa Farm. Agriculture and Equine Program Director, Keith Moon, has been working with horses for more than 40 years and helps guests develop self-awareness and establish communication with animals through respect, sensitivity and awareness.

Here is what Keith has to say about Man Month at Travaasa this June:

What is your role at Travaasa?

I am the Agriculture and Equine Program Director at Travaasa Austin. I am responsible for managing all of the farm and equine operations as well as facilitating the Equine Encounter program, where guests develop self-awareness through close interaction with horses.  

What is something most people don’t know about you?

Not many people generally pin cowboys as well-traveled individuals. On the contrary, I was born in England and have traveled all over the world. Of all the places I’ve visited, one of my favorite places to ride is the mountains of Montana. It’s a very humbling journey traversing those monster peaks on horseback. 

What do you consider to be #ManSkills?

The ultimate man skill has to be riding a bucking horse. It’s a pretty gnarly experience and not always the most pleasant. Need a good campfire story? I was once bucked off a horse while riding bareback at a local rodeo. Instead of falling off and escaping the wrath, my pants somehow got caught in the saddle mechanism and the horse dragged me around until my pants came off.

What is your ultimate man skill?

Being a cowboy, naturally.

What is your favorite part about Man Month at Travaasa?

Anything that involves tequila. During Man Month at Travaasa Austin, guests can learn the history, culture and distilling process behind some of the most prestigious tequilas of Mexico. Sommelier Edward Morgan will highlight the distinct characteristics of Deleon Reposada “Purisma del Rincon,” Hurradura Seleccion Suprema “Extra Anejo” and Casa Dragones “Joven” during this tequila tasting challenge.  

Do you ever visit the Travaasa Austin spa? Do you have any tips for “man-spa-ing?”

What cowboy doesn’t need a break every now and then? Thai Massage is a personal favorite of mine, it hurts so good!