Man Month continues with a look at the best Pinterest boards for men including health, food and sports.  You’d be surprised how much an action photo with an inspirational quote can inspire you to get out there and do something.  Come on, you know you’ve been curious about the social site. Pinterest is not just for women, anymore…

Who: Nathan Strange

Why You Should Follow: He has a board called “Beardspiration.” Enough said.

Who: Men’s Fitness Magazine

Why You Should Follow:  This fitness magazine gives all the greatest tips to stay in shape, stay healthy and feel good about what’s going into your body.  The pins offer quick tips in a time crunch.  Whether you’re dying for a snack that provides energy or looking for exercise ideas, Men’s Fitness has your back.

Who: Daniel Bear Hunley

Why You Should Follow: Daniel is a social media savvy, southern gent with a passion for fun, good food and a great life. He covers everything from men’s style to architecture to gardening and gastro. Also, check out his blog Living Bear.

Who:  Sean Santiago

Why You Should Follow:  This fashion blogger takes untraditional ideas of style and makes them wearable.  Snapping shots of stylish men on the streets and pulling ideas from international magazines, Sean’s blog, Fruit Punch and his pin boards offer inspiration for any guy trying to make an effortless statement.

Who:  Sports Illustrated

Why You Should Follow:  Check out their boards for memorable covers, iconic photos and victorious wins.  Sports Illustrated offers all access photos to intense games, vintage photos, current news and the occasional swimsuit cover.

Who: Thomas Murphy

Why You Should Follow: His visual heavy blog Blood & Champagne says it all. Art, culture, food, photography, design, style.

Who: Mike McDowell

Why You Should Follow: If you share his passion for art, then you will love his boards. Most people know him as mudpuppy on etsy and supermarket.

Who:  Chris Powell

Why You Should Follow:  Chris is a TV transformation specialist on ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss.  His motivation helps people to change their lifestyle for the better and motivate themselves into a happier reality.  Join Chris’s pins for meal ideas and helpful quotes to keep yourself pushing forward.