Man Month wouldn’t be Man Month without additional experiences focused around beer. 

Beer Tasting in Austin: There is nothing like kicking back with a cold one during a Texas summer. Our Beer Tasting 101 for the month of June is the perfect opportunity to sample beer brewed and bottled locally in Austin and all the way across the sea to Germany and Belgium. Participants get to compare and sample seven different styles of beer with our property beer expert while learning how beer is made and what ingredients are used for each style. The beers range from 5%-10% alcohol and vary greatly in their differences offering something for every this is the perfect opportunity to learn how to make different styles of beer.
Island Brew Hop in Hana: Beer is the world’s most widely consumed and one of the oldest of alcoholcic beverages; it is the third most popular drink overall!  Maui Brewing Company (MBC) is the only brewer and canner of craft beer in Hawaii as 100% of the beers are brewed and canned on Maui and Travaasa Hana has teamed up with them to bring beer tastings and educational classes to guests every Saturday. MBC representatives will share their passion for beer, leading guests through the many components of beer tasting and brewing.
In preparation for the beer tasting experiences, here are few beer terms you can familiarize yourself with:
  • ABV: Alchohol by Volume. Amount of alcohol in beer in terms of percentage volume of acohl per volume of beer.
  • Body: Thickness and mouth-filling property of a beer described as “full or thin bodied”/
  • Dry-Hopping: The addition of dry hops to fermenting or aging beer to increase its hop character or aroma.
  • Ester: Volatile flavor compound naturally created in fermentation. Often fruity, flowery or spicy.
  • Hops: Flower/Herb added to boiling wort or fermenting beer to impart a bitter aroma and flavor.
  • Hoppy: Aroma of hops, does not include hop bitterness.
  • Grist: Brewers’ term for milled grains, or the combination of milled grains to be used in a particular brew.