Girls aren’t the only ones who need products, accessories and essentials!  Gathering all you need for travel can be a process.  It always seems easiest to forget the most obvious. Here’s a list of things you guys could use while traveling this summer:

Duffle Bag:

Skip the trouble (and the extra fee) of checking your bag and carry on.  This Jack Spade Wing Duffle is constructed from a tough-textured nylon that absorbs wear and stays looking sharp.


The plane ride, the cab ride, morning runs, lounging by the pool – headphones and music are necessary throughout the day.  These Beats by Dr. Dre headphones give you studio-quality sound and now come without the hassle of a wire.  Controls on the headpiece even allow you to adjust volume and change tracks without having to grab your mp3 player.  Oh, the convenience!


Loafers slip on and off easily (perfect for going through airport security) and are one of the most comfy shoes you can find (for that long day of travel). They’re casual enough for the plane, yet dressy enough to wear into dinner.


Forget tanning oils and scented moisturizers—you need an SPF for all that outdoor activity or relaxing by the water with a cocktail in hand. This oil-free broad-spectrum sunscreen protects against UVA/UVB rays for 80 minutes of sweaty activity without running into your eyes or mouth.

Flip Camera:

You probably have a camera on your savvy smart phone. So why not mix it up with a flip camera? Shoot up to two hours of HD-worthy video and then post it to social media sites like Keek, Telly or Vine via Twitter afterward to show your friends the amazing trip they’re missing.