Being on the road is not always a happy place for dietary restrictions or special meal requests, unless of course you are staying at Travaasa. Whether our guests are vegetarian, pescatarian, gluten-free, lactose-intolerant or all of the above, the creative and understanding food and beverage teams at both the Austin and Hana properties are always happy to accommodate food allergies and special dietary restrictions when preparing your meals.

Travaasa Hana creates paradise on a plate while incorporating the five pillars of experience. There are usually at least four vegetarian dishes available on a daily basis and menu items can always be adjusted. For pescatarians, the options are endless. Fresh seafood and locally grown fruits and vegetables provide an array of culinary offerings. Chef Derek Watanabe uses a combination of techniques from classical to innovative blending bold flavors with a focus on in-season, local ingredients, coining his eclectic, creative culinary style: Hana Fusion.

Travaasa Austin’s culinary staff is obsessed with two things: nourishing guests with delicious dishes composed of fresh, organic, and locally sourced ingredients and fostering a sense of community at the table. Executive Chef Ben Baker is known for his innovative emphasis on organic, seasonal and local ingredients and can accommodate any and all special requests for Travaasa guests. The Travaasa Austin menu features a number of gluten free and vegetarian options including three fantastic salads, pork chops, short rib, chicken, trout, among other fresh vegetable delicacies, just to name a few.

Both Travaasa properties create their lunch and dinner menus on a daily basis in order to bring the best ingredients to the table. When making your reservation, please make sure to advise of any dietary restrictions or food allergies so that we may plan your meals accordingly. As long as the Travaasa kitchen receives advanced notice of these requests, they will always be able to adjust your meal to specifications or create a unique menu to accommodate your palate.