Ernest Hemingway may be most famously remembered for his role as one of the greatest literary geniuses in history, but it was his quest for new adventures and expeditions that earned him that status of a travel legend.

His greatest works paint pictures inspired by journeys from Havana, Paris, Idahoa, Madrid, Pamplona, Key West and beyond. So when Ernie named Hana’s very-own Hamoa Beach as the “Best in the World” we know he his designation was thoroughly researched!

As it turns out, Ernest Hemingway wasn’t the only one that found our little Hana Town to be a muse for his work, throughout history artists, photographers, writers, filmmakers, actors and musicians have made their way to Maui’s east coast to awaken creativity.

She may be known for her southwestern landscape portraits, but artist Georgia O’Keeffe was always inspired by nature’s beauty. Her trip to the Hawaiian Islands was commissioned for two pieces by a pineapple company, but it was her time in Hana that reignited her art.

While venturing through Maui, she found her way to what is now Travaasa’s Plantation House – however, at the time of her visit in 1939, it was still in operation. With her tour guide being the plantation’s young daughter she visited Hana’s many hidden treasures and created beautiful pieces of coastlines, flora and waterfalls. Her connection to Hana ended up being a distinct piece of her career and the topic was profiled in an article in The New York Times

From these late legends to present day, Hana has continued to be a destination sought after by creatives and the every day, overworked, searching for a retreat. Unwinding, relaxing and unplugging can do wonders for the soul and it’s kind of our thing. We may be a little partial to Hana, but you don’t have to take our word for it.