From outdoor adventures to journaling classes, Travaasa Austin offers many ways to to expand your mind and learn something new. Here is a just a small sample of what Travaasa Austin can offer the curious mind and life-long student.


Travaasa Austin’s archery classes will show you that there is much more to this sport than just pointing and shooting. By learning the fundamentals of archery, guests will develop focus, patience, flexibility, concentration and attention skills. It’s the tranquility of yoga combined with excitement of combat.



Ever pretend you were an adventurer looking for a lost treasure? With Travaasa Austin’s Geocaching Adventure, you can learn navigational techniques by using a GPS system to find and hide containers “geocaches” or “caches.” Guest Adventurers can explore the beautiful Travaasa property as they search for and hide their own caches.


Basic Culinary Skills

Learn how to prepare, cook and present some tasty Travaasa recipes in the hands-on cooking demos. You can take small, one-on-one classes or bring the whole team to become cooking and hosting extraordinaires with guidance from Travaasa’s gourmet culinary team.



Do you like being outdoors and learning about the native flora and fauna? Travaasa Austin is surrounded by 210 acres of the Balcones Canyonlands Preserve, where you can see endangered migratory birds like the Black-capped Vireo and the Golden-cheeked Warbler. Through one of the three ecology classes offered, you can learn about the healing properties of plants, some of which are native only to the area.



Writing about the day’s experiences and adventures is a great way to wind down after an exciting day. All you need is paper and pen and you’re all set to release tension while creating a personal document of your life. Travaasa Austin’s journaling experience is low pressure and you are given fun and creative ways to think about writing your story.

Simplified Fitness

Sometimes the gym is too crowded and we all know you can’t control the weather, but with Travaasa Austin’s simplified workout you will learn fitness techniques that will allow you to workout anywhere and anytime. Using just your own body’s resistance and Earth’s gravity, with this “portable” workout you can focus on any area of your body.

Breath Work

This class teaches breathing techniques that can calm and relax your entire body.  In Travaasa Austin’ s tranquil setting, learn to turn the lens inward and reflect on the “asana”, the breath, and yourself. you will be able to let go of all you anxiety and stress and truly enjoy a fun and relaxing vacation.