Travaasa Austin is proud to announce the arrival of Rusty the rooster.  The iconic, 12-foot tall and very colorful bird greets our guests when they arrive at our Travaasa Farm. This new expansion of our innovative resort supplies the freshest possible produce and eggs to our farm-to-fork kitchen as well as unique programming and classes that range from sprouting to chicken care.

Rusty’s towering figure will be impossible to miss.  Built with recycled metal from cars and old commercial buildings, Rusty was imported from Mexico by YESimports, a company that prides itself on importing artisan pieces entirely crafted by hand. Eutiquio Avilés, the particular artist that created our rooster, was born in Veracruz and lives and works in the city of Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.

Rusty and the rest of the Travaasa family look forward to welcoming you to our new farm.  Come down and get your picture taken with him. It might be a while before you encounter another 12-foot tall rooster with an experience down on the farm.