Who says you have to be a grown-up? You’re on vacation! Immerse yourself in the Hawaiian culture and remember what it feels like to be a kid again with new experiential offerings at Travaasa Hana.

Put some “Hoop” in your “Hula”

Hula hooping is a fun, exciting way to reconnect with your inner child and shake what your mama gave you!  You will learn how to utilize the hoop as a tool for exercise, dance and self-expression.  No longer just for kids, Hula hooping is making a serious comeback on the fitness scene. The activity is a great way to reduce stress and have a little while still getting a fantastic full body workout. This class is great for beginners or anyone looking to dive into learning something new!

Here’s a tip: The smaller the hula hoop, the faster it spins. The faster it spins, the more difficult it is to control. Start with a larger, heavier hoop in the beginning to re-orient your waist with the toy you used to dominate as a ten-year-old. Once you have mastered the basics (again) with a larger hoop, try a smaller circumference to really work your core.

Ho’olele Lupe “Kite Flying”

Remember learning how to hold the string when flying a kite on the beach? Circa: a long time ago! Kite flying is a great way to bring families together at Travaasa Hana to create those life-long family learning experiences you’ll remember forever. David Malo, a Native Hawaiian Historian stated, “Kite-flying, deserves special mention as a pastime that was dear to the Hawaiian heart, the practice of which recurred with the regularity of the seasons.”  Experience this cherished Hawaiian pastime and revisit your childhood memories with Ho’olele Lupe Kite Flying at Travaasa Hana and embrace the summer winds of Maui.