With February 14 in just a few days, there is one big question looming in many people’s minds, how I am supposed to choose a Valentine’s Day hotel? Should it be overly romantic? Does it need to be secluded and private? How elegant and lavish of a hotel should I stay at? Here at Travaasa, we are here to help settle your Valentine’s Day hotel queries.
Your Valentine’s Day Hotel of choice should encompass the five following pillars which will serve as the formula for Valentine’s Day success.

  1. Adventure. Something that every relationship or even first date needs is a little spice, something that will take things up a notch. So why not set your sights on a hotel that offers up some serious adventure? At both Travaasa Austin and Travaasa Hana, you can take on any number of adventure courses including; a challenge course, geocaching, archery, equine tours and hiking, among others.
  2. Culinary. Cooking together as a couple is not only fun, it is unbelievably romantic. With our culinary classes, you can learns some new tricks, recipes and flavors that you didn’t know before. Take your new found culinary skills home with you and recreate them for another spectacular date night down the road. Classes include; the art of the cocktail, juicing, tasting series, basic culinary skills, having fun in the kitchen and dinner party 101.
  3. Culture. Nothing can bring two people together faster than discovering the culture of a new city or spot as one. You’ll come home richer for having learned new skills, heard other’s stories and by immersing yourselves in the creative outlets that Austin, TX and Hana, HI have to offer. It is here that you can discover each of these cities local dance, longstanding traditions, music and unique artistic pieces.
  4.  Fitness. Physical activity and fitness classes are great for couples. Why is this you ask? They’re fun. You’ll feel energized after working up a sweat as a pair in one of our fitness classes, which include but are not limited to; yoga, martial arts, zumba, core conditioning and pilates. And once again, you can take your newly developed skills back home and make it a weekly routine to get out and about together.
  5. Wellness. Wellness embodies many different things. A balance state of mind coupled with a managed stress life, a healthy body and a satisfied soul gives focus and a point of view to our lives. Achieve a greater sense of well being through couples meditation, stretch, yoga, breath work and a variety of spa treatments. For the ultimate romantic experience check out our, Travaasa is For Lovers package, which will teach you how to incorporate love and affection into new elements of your relationship.

For more information or to book a stay at Travaasa Austin or Travaasa Hana as your Valentine’s Day hotel, please contact us at 855-TO-TRAVAASA.