With Valentine’s Day and President’s Day both falling in the same long weekend this year, there’s no excuse not to ramp up the romance for a weekend getaway in Austin or tropical vacation in Hana to enjoy some well-deserved R&R with your one and only. Celebrate your love through Travaasa’s five pillars and fall hard all over again.

Here are just a few ways to heat things up with your partner at Travaasa:


Glider Adventure (Hana) – We’ve all seen ABC’s The Bachelor. Is there a single season in existence that doesn’t include a helicopter flight over a tropical island in the middle of the ocean? No, because it’s probably one of the most romantic dates known to man (and woman). Experience Maui’s stunning sights from the sky as you soar over Hana Bay, side-by-side with your one and only. 

Sunrise Hike (Austin) – Start your day off in the magic of the Texas Hill Country surrounded by the serene beauty of the forest, and your favorite person in  the whole wide world. Watch the sunrise over the Balcones Canyonlands and Lake Travis. 


Texas Two-Step (Austin) – The Texas Two-Step includes three steps: quick step, quick step, slow step. It’s that easy. The best thing about it? You can take your new moves with you to show off at your next get together. Who doesn’t love a couple that can really cut a little rug?

Cupid’s Archery (Hana) – Cupid, draw back your bow and let your arrows go straight through the target. Learn the fundamentals of archery while boosting mental attention and connecting your breath to physical performance. There’s something so attractive about a partner who hits the bullseye every time!


Couples Yoga (Austin) – Build trust, confidence and communication with your partner in a supportive environment. Use conscious breathing and skillful techniques to help deepen the experience of each yoga pose. Experience the gift of giving and receiving in this partner yoga class.

Partner Thai Stretch (Austin) – Love yourself and your partner with this ancient, healing and soothing practice. Explore the Thai dotting and paddling technique throughout the energy lines in the various muscles to create expansiveness in the body and mind.


Aphrodisiac Culinary Demonstration (Austin) – An aphrodisiac is a substance that increases sexual desire. The name comes from Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of sexuality and love. During this culinary demonstration, our chefs will teach you the different effects of certain ingredients such as arugula, basil, fennel, carrots and avocado, while also creating an unforgettable recipe for you to enjoy at home…or in the boudoir.

Breakfast in Bed Culinary Demo (Austin) – There is nothing quite like breakfast in bed. Develop the skills you need to give you confidence in the kitchen as we demonstrate amazing, yet simple, breakfast-in-bed recipes. Travaasa Chefs will guide guests through each step of the recipe and offer tips on culinary techniques, such as poaching eggs and how to make hollandaise seem simple.

Spa & Wellness

Hana Couple’s Escape (Hana) – In your shared spa suite, this indulgent treatment starts off with an organic myrtle salt water foot soak and unrefined, sun-dried clay foot mask. Slip into deep relaxation with a soothing full body massage using our premium, organic massage oil. A nourishing scalp treatment finishes this head-to-toe treatment. 

Couples Connection (Austin) – Using a mix of challenges, games and exercises, you and your partner will finish this class feeling closer and more connected. This class will help you to build more trust, develop a stronger bond and feel more understood.