Autumn is a treat for the senses and a perfect season to root yourself in health. Whether you are planning a wellness retreat, exploring new things to do in hill country, or just grounding at home we have tips to keep you healthy for fall.

1. Exercise

Exercise is important all year long, but fall offers a bevy of fun fitness activities. These months are a sacred time to exercise outdoors and enjoy cooler temperatures with sunny skies. Autumn is a wonderful time to burn calories hiking while gazing at fall foliage – a favorite of things to do in hill country. Fall is probably the best time of year for running outdoors with the leaves crunching under your feet – not too hot, not too cold. As the days grow colder, take extra time to warm up your body and stretch before exercise. In places where snow falls early, try snowshoeing or cross country skiing. Pull a neck warmer over your mouth to warm up the air before it enters you lungs and wear a hat to keep from escaping and gloves to prevent frostbite.


2. Diet

Autumn harvest brings in a crop of richly colored root vegetables and fruits that are packed with nutrition. Root vegetables are inexpensive and easy to cook – simply roast with some olive oil and seasoning! Fall is synonymous with the apple and pumpkin picking season. Not only are they Halloween favorites, pumpkins are packed with  vitamin A for healthy eyes, hair and skin, and the seeds contain mineral magnesium. Additionally, cozy slow-cooker meals can do wonders for the waistline. Select warm recipes that are filled with colorful veggies, lean meats, and metabolism-boosting spices.


3. Flu Prevention

Cover your face whenever you cough, keep you hands away from your nose and mouth at all times, and wash your hands regularly to prevent the spread of the seasonal germs. The flu shot is recommended for all adults, especially if you have pre-existing conditions like diabetes or heart disease that can cause serious complications with the flu. Ask your doctor when the annual flu shot is available and set up an appointment.


4. Hydration

Cold weather, dry central heat, and steamy showers rob your body and skin of moisture. Drink more water to moisturize from the inside. Lock moisture in by regularly applying lotion or heavy cream, especially when you get out of the shower. Book a hydration treatment at your local health spa or wellness retreat for a serious dose of moisture.

5.  Brain Power

Whether you are helping your children with homework or in school yourself, use the opportunity to incite your dusty mental muscles. Freshening up on old material or learning new facts can help to protect your mind against dementia.