The gardener must prepare for the harvest long before it begins. He must check the garden for plants that are ready in order to make room for additional growth. This analogy also applies to harvesting your spiritual garden to make room for maturity and progress in your everyday life. There comes a point when the search for guidance, inner peace and inspiration must be turned inward, as the truth about us as individuals comes from within. Meditation, dance and spending time in the great outdoors provide the gateways for tuning in to your inner spirit and harnessing the power that is already yours.

October is Harvest month. It’s a time to cultivate the year’s experiences up to now, clear your mental space of thoughts that do not serve you, and make room for new opportunities and personal growth during the holiday season and into the new year.

Here are just a few of the many opportunities to harvest your inner spirit at Travaasa this month. 


Harvest Mindful Meditation: Just breathe. And visualize the energy forces within and around you to connect you more deeply with your inner self.

Celebrate Wishes Meditation: Using breath and brief meditation, you’ll focus on yoking your mind and body to better understand the wisdom of your body and how they are connected. Much of this introductory class will be performed on a mat via a few basic balancing poses.

Seeker’s Meditation: Seeking answers through meditation using focus techniques for supreme meditation and blocking out the chatter that inevitably clogs up your mind. Cultivating a regular meditation schedule allows you to open your mind to receive information with more clarity.


Chakra Awareness Meditation: Through deep relaxation, discover the cultivation of open awareness by bringing attention to breath and sounds. This practice is focused on the energy centers of the body that correspond to our endocrine system; the Chakras. Using guided imagery, you will experience a meditative state that focuses on a specific chakra to increase your sensitivity to its relationship to your being. By gazing at the yantras (sacred geometric symbols) of the chakras, you will sense an integration of the experience at a universal level of shared consciousness

Guided Meditation: Demystify the ancient practice of mediation and bring awareness to our movement-to-movement experiences. The simple—but not easy— practice of acceptance, letting go, non-striving and suspension of the judgmental mind leaves us with a deep sense of openness and receptivity to ourselves, to others and to the moment as it unfolds.