Rather than checking into your average Maui vacation resort, go completely off the grid and taste authentic Hawaii. A stay at Travaasa Hana includes more than just world-class accommodations and delicious dining, it offers adventure tours and moments with nature that stir the soul.

Leave the cell phone and iPad at home and reconnect with the great outdoors through one of Travaasa’s many tailored adventure experiences. Saddle up as an authentic Paniolo (Hawaiian cowboy) guides you on horseback along unspoiled trails of coastline and plains. For a different vantage point, submerge in the sea to completely detach from life’s turmoils. Snorkel in a protected cove teeming with tropical fish and living coral gardens to truly get a glimpse of what lies beneath the ocean’s surface.

If rigorous activity is not your forte, leisurely enjoy Hana’s rich ecology and biodiversity instead. Start your morning with the Waipauma Coastal Walk, an experience you will remember forever. Marvel at the native flora and fauna that thrive in volcanic soil. Pass Alau Island, a bird sanctuary with breathtaking wind-tousled palm trees at its summit.

Here you are on the most most remote archipelago on earth – 2,500 miles from the nearest land mass. Take a deep breath, sip in authentic Hawaii. Forget your typical Maui vacation resort and rediscover the transcendence of nature at Travaasa Hana.