At Travaasa, one of our core pillars is fitness. Strengthening the body is as important as keeping our brain cells active, fueling your inner muse and letting your spirit soar. Our fitness program focuses on balance, core work and flexibility—and we are lucky to have such an incredibly talented individual as our Fitness and Nutritionist expert here at Travaasa Austin.  She sat down to answer some frequently asked questions about getting in shape, and how you can start living a healthier lifestyle.  Meet Jillian.
Name: Jillian Lambert
Position: Fitness/Nutritionist and Wellness Specialist/Author
Hometown: Charles City, Iowa
Interesting Personal Fact: I wrote a book on fitness, holistic nutrition and wellness called “Real Health Real Life.”

  • Sect. 1 is on Fitness
  • Sect. 2 is on Holistic Nutrition
  • Sect. 3 is on Wellness: Emotional Health/Feng Shui/Relationships/Valuing Yourself/Honoring Yourself/ and anything that has to do with being well.

Length of time in fitness, holistic nutrition and wellness: 23 yrs
Top activities for killer workout: Kickboxing, Strength Training and Interval Training
Travaasa’s most unique activity:  Bull Fitness class …This is a fitness class on a mechanical bull.   It starts with a warm up, core conditioning and cool down.  It is designed to strengthen your core.  This class works your upper abs, lower abs, internal and external obliques, mid, lower and upper back as well as your adductors (inner thighs)…all to the sound of some Texas country music!
Favorite part of Challenge Course: Zipline…not everything needs to be hard work or a challnge all the time.  Hard work needs to be balanced with some fun.  The Zipline, to me, is fun….it makes all the other stuff worthwhile!
Hiking Trails: The trails are great for a slow, relaxed walk to help you reconnect with nature….or a challenging trail run to burn calories.  The trails are very wooded, secluded and well posted.

For more fitness and wellness tips, you can purchase Jillian’s new book here or visit her website for more information.