S A M   K E O H U H U
Age: 21
Fishing since: 3 years old

Q: How long have you been fishing?

As long as I can remember.  I learned everything I know about fishing from my papa Andrew Park Sr. My papa let me start taking out his boat on my own since I was 16 years old and now at 21 years old I have my own boat.

Q: What do you call your boat?

Kaylee Baby.

Q: What is unique about fishing in Hana?

There are all different types of fish and fishing methods in Hana from shoreline for reef fish to deep blue for pelagics.

Q: What is a sign of a good fishing day?

Every day you make it home safe is a good fishing day no matter how much fish you catch.

Q: What kinds of fish do you usually catch?

Ahi, Aku, Mahi, Ono, Uku and sometimes Marlin, as well as all different types of local reef fish.

Q: What is the biggest fish you’ve ever caught?

> 400lb Marlin

Q: How long does it take to get the fish to Travaasa Hana, Maui?

The day of catching it

Q: What have you found is the best bait?

Fish chunks.

Q: What are you fishing boat essentials (beer, good luck charm, prayer, etc.)?

Stay humble and positive.

Q: Best time of year for fishing?


Q: What is your favorite part of fishing?

Catching the fish and bringing it home to put on many peoples’ plates.

Q: Thrownet fishing, bamboo pole fishing or new equipment… what is your favorite technique?  

All my fishing technique is my favorite cause they bring food home.

Q: Favorite dish to prepare with your catch at home?

Fried fish.

Q: If you have a bad day fishing and don’t bring home dinner, what do you do after (order pizza?)

Never came home from fishing with nothing—always caught something.


Sam aboard his first boat, the Not Bad.


“In Hana, we do surrounding of akule (mackerel) that gets shared with the community.”