The Find Dining culinary program at Travaasa Austin offers guests the unique opportunity to connect to the natural world in a 90-minute hands-on culinary experience that takes a look at the Travaasa Farm from the inside-out and concludes with a harvest feast to be enjoyed beneath the stars.

This personalized harvest and gardening class begins with a tour of the Travaasa Farm including the greenhouse, chicken coop, perennial herb garden, vegetable field and hugelkultur beds. Once familiar with the lay of the land, guests are then invited into the fields to personally harvest the crops they would like to enjoy during a harvest feast prepared that same evening. While crop selections may vary based on the season, guests will always have the chance to choose at least 2-5 vegetables and 1-3 herbs for the nightly dinner selections.

After personally picking the season’s most appetizing garden crops, guests are invited to mingle in the garden pavilion for a personalized cooking class and refreshing cocktails while learning the ins and outs of growing and preparing healthy farm-to-table meals. A planting calendar is also provided to reference best practices and outline growing seasons after leaving the Travaasa Farm.

Upon the completion of this enlightening culinary experience, guests are invited back to the welcome center for confirmation of their harvest feast to be prepared by our chef using the selected ingredients from the farm. Once perfected by the culinary team, dinner is then served in the farm grove beneath beautiful oak trees with the relaxing sounds of the creek trickling in the background.