Grow Month has been a busy one for the Travaasa Farm! The gorgeous spring weather Austin has experienced over the past few weeks has really boosted productivity on the farm and provided great conditions for harvesting lots of kale, collards, beets, carrots and a variety of lettuces. We have a few plots of beautiful savoy cabbage that are almost ready for harvest as well. Another guest favorite, the sugar snap pea, is now flowering and should be in perfect condition for Chef Ben to create a delicious summer entrée in a few short weeks.

We’re anticipating a promising summer for farm to table fare here at Travaasa! We now have peppers, eggplant, and tomatoes planted in the field; the zucchini, summer squash and cucumbers have sprouted; and we will be seeding winter squash and melons this week. Other Travaasa Farm team members worked in the greenhouse this week to up-pot some of the smaller starts and prepare them for the field.

As far as our happy hens are concerned, they were moved to a bed of clover earlier this week so that they could graze. Our free-range, organic farming model suggests ground clover significantly improves the quality of the eggs and meat, and the chickens certainly love the change of scenery!   

The Texas Beef Council joined us for a tour of the farm last week and we are expecting a few student visitors this Sunday who have agreed to help our team plant another round of tomatoes and lay mulch on the walkways.

It has been a lovely spring so far with lots of birds, bugs, and bees buzzing around and we have been working hard to get everything planted before the season gets ahead of us. More to come next week, so stayed tuned!