The Travaasa Austin team has been working very hard to develop farming practices and building structures with the goal of creating our very own Travaasa Farm. Every week our Farm Manager, Kim Grabosky, shares her updates on the development.


In Austin, this time of year is high planting season. We have been busy planting Travaasa Farm’s perennial herb and flower gardens and pruning the beginning of our orchard. If you have certain varieties of transplants that were seeded several weeks ago in a greenhouse or nursery, you can plant them now as we have just passed the last warming for frost.

In Austin, the last frost warning was on March 15th meaning planting season is in full gear.  At this point it should be safe to plant your tomato, pepper, and eggplant transplants as well as Swiss chard, beans, cucumber, mustards, pumpkins and turnips. If you are trying to learn when to plant your different crops, these next few weeks are a good time to plant most everything that the area can support.

Our greenhouse is now full of all kinds of plants ready to go into the field. During the last few weeks, our planted greens have doubled in production and are perfect for the fresh salads in Jean’s Kitchen. Suddenly it is full on spring here and everything is ready to grow!