All of us at Travaasa Austin are excited to share our newest addition to the property, Travaasa Farms. Since November, we have been working to develop farming practices and building structures that aim to grow the highest quality produce in our region using all organic practices. Every week our Farm Manager, Kim Grabosky, will share updates on the developments of Travaasa Farms.

For the past couple weeks, we’ve been hard at work building and planting at the Travaasa Farms. We’re working on building planting beds and the greenhouse, planting our first seeds, welcoming new additions to the Travaasa Farm family, and so much more.

The creation of the planting beds, structures, and greenhouse is a big step that really started to bring the Travaasa Farms vision to fruition. Our 360 sq ft. greenhouse is where we plan to plant peppers, tomatoes, and few other plant varieties to help protect them from the harsh Texas sun.

In our new raised planting beds, we seeded the first of the spring mix lettuces as well as a variety of braising mix seeds in the greenhouse’s raised beds. For those who have not had braising mix before, it can be a variety of different plants that are heartier then lettuce all seeded together. Our mix consists of kales, cabbages, Asian greens, beets, and mustards. Braising mix tastes best, as the name suggests, lightly braised.

We also welcomed some new additions to the Travaasa Farm family – our flock of chickens. They are settling in nicely in their chicken coop and have begun roosting the bars to sleep at night. They are healthy and full of energy and always excited to see more food coming. We have about a 100 hens of six different breeds laying fresh eggs to be used in Jean’s Kitchen.