The Travaasa Farm is preparing for the spring planting season which should be in full swing by the end of the month. This also means it is time to bring #FarmFriday back! Check in every Friday for updates on all the Farm happenings from me, Farmer Kim!

This week the team was busy planting the last of our collard green transplants while others potted some of our baby tomatoes that are currently living in the greenhouse. We also harvested beets, greens, kale, collards, cilantro, mustard, spring mix and tres fin endive – all of which are used in the delicious meals prepared in the Travaasa Austin kitchen and the Travaasa Food Truck.

We moved five truckloads of mulch from the upper Travaasa property down to the farm in an effort to recycle our own raw materials. The mulch comes directly from our Cedar trees located on the property and is used in the walkways of the farm beds to protect the soil from loosing moisture and provide a barrier to keep weeds from germinating. This is an example of just one of many ways the Travaasa Farm fits in with the goal of pursuing sustainability across the Travaasa Austin property. We always try to utilize as many of our available resources as possible. This mulch would have otherwise be hauled off-site as “waste,” but will instead insulate the soil on the Travaasa Farm and make the farm more drought tolerant.

In other news, we noticed that the hens’ egg-laying production is up this week! Spring must really be on the horizon as 77% of our “laying” hens are producing at least one egg per day. Hens are ultra photosensitive, meaning there is a significant increase in egg production as the amount of daily sunlight shifts in accordance with the changing seasons.

I also led five Spring Harvest and Farm Tours this week, showing guests how to grow, prune and harvest spring vegetables.

We’re looking forward to the warm weather over the next few weeks and anticipate great things from the Travaasa Farm this year.

Until next week…


– Farmer Kim