There are some stunning sights to see on the Hawaiian island of Maui, and it’s up to you to determine how you want to see them all. Travaasa Hana has a variety of ways to get out and about to experience the magic of the Hana coastline. Whether you opt for a tour of the island by land, air or sea, there is no wrong way to see Hana. 

By Land

The Road to Hana: Take a drive through the lush, tropical rainforest and explore the Hawaiian coast along the Road to Hana. Highway 36 offers a 52-mile stretch of winding roads and beautiful bridges and a handful of waterfalls to see on the way. 

Horseback Riding: Hawaiian cowboys have been riding the remote slope, plains and coastlines for more than 175 years. There is nothing quite like enjoying the superb, natural beauty of Maui on Hana’s extensive trail system. 

By Air

Glider Adventure: Experience Maui’s beauty from the sky with an unforgettable flight. A veteran pilot takes you up over Hana Bay, along the coast, and if you so choose, up and over the Volcano alongside Haekala Observatory and eventually back down safely to the Hana Airport. DO NOT forget to bring your camera!

Fly to Hana: The New York Times couldn’t have said it any better: “Hotel planes are the new hotel cars.” Travaasa now offers the ability to fly directly to Hana in a six-seater plane that soars over the landscape below. 

By Sea

SUP: Hoe he’e nalu, or Stand Up Paddling (SUP) has a rich Hawaiian heritage that is becoming a popular water sport with cross-athletes. This activity provides a fantastic core workout and stellar vantage point to see beauty of Hana Bay from the water. 

Snorkel: Maui is one of the most popular snorkeling spot in the world. Go down under and check out the wide variety of tropical fish and living coral garden in Hana Bay.