May is Nature month here at Travaasa, and we’ve collected a few expert tips from our Spa Director, Maggie Wagner, to help with that ever so difficult “me” time we’re always too busy to take.

All of us experience the stress of our busy lives, pressure at work or in our personal lives, deadlines to hit, places to be. It is vital that we take time out to nurture ourselves. Nurturing yourself is a very deliberate process, in that, you have to set your intention… and stick to it. Not as easy as it sounds, because we are so used to all of the day-to-day interruptions, emails, calls, and the needs of family and friends, and all at once, you start to feel saturated with all of this “stuff”.

Nurturing yourself will make you happier, more open, productive and, of course, less stressed out. Learning to take time out to nurture yourself will give you the time and space you need to feel centered, whole and less fragmented. Here are a few tips:

Get a massage – Stress can slowly seep into your muscles, create brain fog and start to wreak havoc, causing you to lose sleep, feel pain and basically disconnected from your body. Getting a massage is a wonderful way to distress and reconnect with yourself, gain clarity and eliminate pain. Massage helps to regulate sleep, and create endorphins and boost immunity.

Soak in a vitality pool or hot tub – Vitality pools differ slightly from hot tubs (whirlpools), in that they are a few degrees cooler than tot tubs, and generally stay at 99%, allowing for a longer, more relaxing soak. If you prefer a hot tub, and do better with a shorter soak, a hot tub is a better option for you.

Exercise – Exercising creates more energy, diminishes mental burn out and gets your circulation going again. It forces you to concentrate on you.

Take a hike – Find a calm, beautiful quiet place to walk or hike. Go slowly, and take in your surroundings. Breathe.

Meditate – Silence. One of the best things you can do to quiet your mind is to meditate. Take a class. Schedule this time for yourself. You won’t regret it.

Read a book – sit down with a good book, do not give yourself a time limit, take as much time as you want.

Play! – Have fun and just let go. Play time for yourself might include horseback riding, trying something new, like our Challenge Course or maybe our Pump Track or Equine Experience. Think about something that would be fun to do, and make the time to go and do it.

Yoga – Go inward and reconnect with your body. Stretch gently, breathe deeply.

Take a nap – Do this. Find a hammock, or sit by the pool, or your favorite spot. Dream.