Travaasa is dedicated to incorporating the cultural history and heritage of the surrounding regions and people into our daily experiences. Located on the eastern tip of Maui, Travaasa Hana is the first to greet the rising sun each day and offers guests the unique opportunity to dive into the rich culture of the region while enjoying the modern comforts of a tropical getaway.

Here are a few highlights of the traditional Hawaiian experiences available on property at Travaasa Hana:

Throw Net Fishing – Hawaiian “throw net” fishing has been in existence in the Hawaiian culture for generations. Handmade nets are becoming family heirlooms and the skill of catching dinner each day still holds true for some natives. Learn how to properly cast a net into Hana Bay and you may surprise yourself with how easily you come up with something fresh!

Ukulele – First introduced to the Hawaiians by the Portuguese in the 19th Century, the ukulele is now known as a Hawaiian instrument. Learn basic chords and eventually transform those few notes into a simple song.

Hula Dancing – Every hula tells a story. Learn the graceful movements used to tell your own. Hula is more than just a dance, it is a tradition that links Hawaiians to ‘Aina (land), Kai (ocean), and the story of life. Originally danced by men, hula is the traditional Hawaiian way that stories and traditions were passed from generation to generation. Both men and women are incorporated into this tradition in this day and age.

Coconut Husking – Found across most of the tropics, the niu (coconut) is known for its great versatility as seen in the domestic, commercial, and industrial use of its different parts. Coconuts are part of the daily diet of Hawaiian people and it takes great skill to get to the good stuff. Learn the proper methods and tools used involved with husking a coconut and enjoy the fresh coconut water and meat as it’s prepared.

SUP – Hoe he’e nalu, or Stand Up Paddling, has a rich Hawaiian heritage that is re-emerging as a popular water sport around the world. It is a popular strength building activity among athletes and provides an intense core workout while promoting balance and overall fitness. This is also a fantastic way to see the beautiful natural surroundings of Hana Bay from a nautical vantage point.

Lei Making – Learn to create the beautiful Kukui Nut lei or Ti leaf lei adorned with Plumeria blooms. Leis are traditionally used to celebrate occasions in Hawaii and there are a variety of different techniques used to create the unique patterns.