A healthy diet is a huge part of the combination it takes to feel great, get in shape and stay fit.  We asked Jillian, our fitness and wellness instructor here at Travaasa Austin, a bit about her daily diet, and favorite ingredients for a healthy lifestyle.
Typical Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner:

  • Breakfast: Fresh fruit until 12 Noon
  • Lunch: Grilled chicken w/raw vegetable salad
  • Dinner: Salmon w/brocolli and/ or raw vegetable salad

Favorite ingredients and foods for healthy lifestyle: Raw fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, juicing, purified water and live enzymes combined with sunshine, exercise, nature, fun, and activities that bring you peace, joy and laughter…any activity that helps restore the body, mind and spirit.
Healthy food options at Travaasa: There are plenty of healthy food options at Travaasa.  Choose from fruit, salads, and lean proteins. There is also fresh fruit offered daily in the Agave Fitness Center.  A juicing/nutrition class is also offered at Travaasa where guests can learn nutrition information that most people are not aware of.  The Juicing class also invites guests to sample various juicing recipes.