Now that the magic of the holidays has ended, the reality of the winter season is starting to set in – wet, dreary, cold, and colder. With weeks still remaining before temps creep towards comfortable, we find ourselves dreaming of sun and sand and a drink in our hand. Well, stop dreaming and come visit us in the warm, breezy paradise that is Travaasa Hana. We’ll just leave you with a few teasers of things to look forward to for your warm weather getaway:

Around Hana:

Kapueokahi (the lone owl) is commonly referred to as Hana Bay. It was a major shipping port for the sugar companies. Today, this quarter mile stretch of black and white sand is a favorite with local families for swimming, snorkeling and strolling.

The Waimoku Falls Trail in Haleakala National Park is a five-mile hike that takes you through a bamboo forest to the 400-foot Waimoku Falls.


Snorkeling: Maui is one of the most popular snorkeling spots in Hawaii. The shallow waters are teeming with tropical fish and living floral gardens in amazing shapes and colors.

Stand Up Paddling: This Hawaiian tradition provides a strong core workout and an amazing view of the natural surroundings of Hana Bay. 

Hula: Hula is the traditional Hawaiian way of  passing stories and traditions from generation to generation. Learn this Hawaiian dance from one of our cultural guides.

The Climate

January is the most temperate time of year in the Hawaiian islands with temperatures in the mid-seventies and lofty tradewinds blowing in from the northwest. The surf is up and the drinks are cold.