At Travaasa, relaxation is a vital component for having a well-rounded vacation at either Travaasa Austin or Travaasa Hana. But the most enjoyable and important part of any vacation is the time where you can kick back your feet and take in the moment. Becky Theisen, reservation concierge at Travaasa Austin with a background as a travel consultant for over 30 years knows how to make the most of any vacation. Becky shares some tips on relaxation from her recent Hawaii vacation.

If you’re like me, planning for a vacation is almost as important as the vacation itself.  So before I’ve left the house, my list of “to do’s” while at my destination is quite long and very researched.   Of course I am so tired when I get back home from all the running around, I need a vacation-after-the-vacation!  So on a recent trip to Hawaii with my husband to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary, I made a point to schedule some time for simple relaxation.  It was the smartest vacation planning I’ve ever done and a wonderful lesson learned.

One afternoon, with no plans on our list, we each grabbed a book and searched for a place to read.  A large, empty hammock stretched between two palm trees on the beach was swaying in the ocean breeze.  I can’t remember ever being so relaxed!  I wanted to capture this feeling, so whenever I needed to chill from an especially stressful day, I could immediately recall that lazy afternoon in the hammock.  Luckily I thought to grab our camera with my book when we left the hotel room.  Now I have a photo on my desk at home of the sky peeking between the palms and clouds from my Hawaiian hammock vantage point, reminding me how amazing a day doing nothing can be.