Summer plagues us with many tough decisions – would you prefer to:

A. relax poolside and work on your tan

B. get outdoors and try something new

C. all of the above!

The pool at Travaasa Austin offers guests a way to stay fit while still beating the Texas heat. The ultimate way to enjoy the sun, get a workout in and keep cool. The best part? Have an après-swim cocktail delivered to your lounger. Here are some new activities to try in Texas:

  • Aqua Pilates: Taking the Pilates Method into the pool is a great variation to the practice. The water adds support and 12 times the resistance at the same time. This class will challenge balance, core strength and work all the muscles of the extremities. And, you get to stay cool in the process.
  • Aqua Yoga: Practicing yoga in the pool is for every-body, from folks who need a little extra support to those who are just looking for a new way to deepen their yoga practice. This class incorporates pool noodles for support while keeping our head nice and dry. Bonus: you don’t have to worry about falling.
  • Aqua Fitness: Kick off your day with a wet, weightless workout! Enjoy the cardiovascular and strength building benefits of water resistance exercises. This class is great for all levels, and much more exciting than swimming those laps.

In Hana we have more than just our pool for guests to explore. Nearby Hamoa Beach is just a short ride away and Hana Bay is just down the road. Looking to embrace the local water activities, try these:

  • Thrownet Fishing: Experience cast net throwing with a Hana native.  We will teach you how to prepare your net for casting and throw!  Our guides come from a long line of local fishermen.  You will enjoy their personal stories of growing up and fishing in Hana.
  • SUP: A favorite way for guests and locals to take in the Hana scenery. We offer a beginner level class that teaches the basic techniques during a 30 minute ground instruction, then paddle for joy in the Hana Bay.