When it comes to the spa, Travaasa knows no season, but in honor of Dive Month we’ve decided to highlight the best treatments to get you out of the treatment room and into the water.

Aquatic spa treatments, such as Watsu®, offer numerous benefits to the body and can be extremely transformative. The buoyancy and support helps relieve chronic joint and muscle pain, improve digestion, decrease anxiety and improve the immune system. Here are a few ways to experience water treatments:

  • Aquatic Renewal Therapy in Hana: Experience a whole new level of bodywork in Maui’s first resort aquatic therapy pool. As you drift into deep levels of relaxation, you will float and stretch in the therapist’s arms without the pull of gravity. The warm water helps support the body evenly, releasing tension and producing a deep sense of renewed well-being.
  • Watsu®: Watsu’s gentle and deep stretches take pressure off joints, freeing the spine, and allowing for greater freedom of movement and relief of tension. Our certified Watsu therapist will move your body through the water, leaving you feeling light and painless.
  • Integrated Aquatic Bodywork: These sessions include a variety of aquatic bodywork techniques including Healing Dance™ and Water Dance®. The experience begins with graceful movement and stretches, with the option of gradually taking your session under water for a deeper, more dynamic experience.