You don’t have to be a guru to take advantage of yoga’s many benefits, which include perks like increased flexibility, improved lung capacity, decreased stress levels, lower blood pressure and improved mood. In fact, at Travaasa Austin, we offer a range of yoga classes catering to different experience levels, so whether you’re an absolute beginner or a seasoned yogini looking to expand your practice, you can harmonize your mind, body and soul at our destination resort.  Meet our resident yoga expert, Susan Anderson, who has been guiding Travaasa Austin guests on yoga journeys for the past couple years.

Name: Susan Anderson

How long have you been teaching yoga? I’ve been teaching and studying the physical practice of yoga for 10 years, but it wasn’t until a couple years ago that I dove deeper into my study by focusing on meditation and breath work.

How is working at Travaasa different than teaching in a yoga studio? The number one thing is the spectacular setting! The Cedar Overlook yoga room is surrounded by big windows overlooking tree tops and the pool. The scenery alone helps create a peaceful and relaxed state of being.

What advice would you give someone who has never tried yoga? People often assume that you have to be flexible in order to practice yoga, but in reality, you practice yoga to become more flexible and strong. Just embrace your adventurous spirit, and be willing to try something new. You can read more about the basics of yoga in my blog post.

What are your favorite classes that guests can enjoy at Travaasa? Well, aside from the classes I teach, one of my favorites is the Mechanical Bull Riding Workout. It’s exhilarating and just plain funny.

Where would you like to take a dream vacation? I was blessed with the opportunity to visit Travaasa Hana, and it’s a dream of mine to go back to that special, romantic place—next time with my boyfriend. Other than that, probably Morocco or Brazil.