With holiday excitement in the air, there’s so much to be joyful about during the month of December. This is the month to gather with friends and family, give gifts to loved ones and celebrate with beloved traditions. During December at Travaasa, we have a special lineup of activities to help you revel in the joy of the season.

Tap into your happiness reservoir during a Chi Bliss fitness session at Travaasa Austin, or try our L.O.L Workout, which uses the power of laughter to enhance your overall well-being.

In our Arts, Natural Ornaments and Centerpieces class, which is available at both Travaasa locations, you can enjoy the bounty of nature by taking simple, natural objects and transforming them into festive holiday decorations and beautiful gifts.

During Joy Month at Travaasa, you also can get mentally prepared for a happy new year with our Vision for 2013 session, available at both luxury spa resorts. By creating a vision board for 2013, you can tap into your creativity and envision your future, which is far more encouraging than creating a list of daunting resolutions.

Are you ready for a joyous holiday season? Visit our list of seasonal activities to learn what you can do to maximize your happiness throughout the month of December.