We are a wired society where staying in touch with people is almost too easy.  The stress that comes with constant communication can really take a toll on our overall health and quality of life. With the holiday season quickly approaching, what better time to scrap the daily downloads and unwind on the couch with a cup of hot tea and our furry, four-legged friends.

Here are a few tips on ditching the digital distractions and actually focusing on what’s in front of us in real life, excluding “screens” of all sorts:


Turn off your push notifications.

It’s that simple. Go to your mobile settings options and turn off those annoying push notifications you have connected to all 100 of your mobile apps. You can still access information whenever you need it, but you won’t be pinged every single time someone likes your most recent Facebook status update.

Take a digital sabbatical.

Whether it’s a week long vacation or just one night of life uninterrupted, unplug for a pre-determined amount of time and enjoy life sans Twitter. You might experience about five minutes of anxiety the first time you unplug, but it will pass after another five, promise.

Get out of your seat.

It’s much more difficult to text and tweet while you’re running or riding a bike versus sitting on the couch. Lace up your sneaks and get moving. Not only will exercise free your mind, your heart will thank you as well!

Read a book.

With pages that turn, not tap. Holding a bound piece of literature in your hands feels authentic. Reading is a fantastic way to reduce stress, especially fiction. There’s nothing like a good story to help you chill out.

Set boundaries.

It’s so easy to get sucked into the rat race, we’re all guilty of it. Just say no. Limit your digital activity to a set time frame for engagement each week. Be aware of how often you check your email and stop scrolling through the drama. Create your own agenda and fill it with quality, real-life face time with your friends and family.