Our mothers always nagged on us about eating our broccoli, apple slices and egg whites. We know that avocado, nuts, chicken and spinach all boost energy and the importance of 8 glasses of water a day. To further your knowledge, we have found ten foods you may not know about, the nourishment benefits and how you can incorporate them into your day! Let’s begin our day of Body-Nourishing Foods:

Good morning! Too much to drink last night? Maybe you just didn’t get to bed until late. Try some coconut water to hydrate with an overload of electrolytes. Oatmeal is a brain food that provides massive benefits in terms of cardiovascular health. It is packed with fiber, protein and omega 3’s which will help to sustain your energy throughout the morning.

When lunch time rolls around, you may begin to feel the afternoon punch. Try packing some tuna for lunch! Tuna has the highest level of vitamin B6 of any food. B6 is linked to memory and cognitive health as well as an increase in mood balancing receptors (dopamine). In addition, a few dried figs will flush out toxins and give you a boost of energy for the afternoon. This meal will also help your skin to look more radiant during your less irritable afternoon!

If you are craving an afternoon snack, put down the candy and pick up a handful of edamame. This bean-like bite is rich in fiber and cholesterol-lowering soy protein. Unlike candy, it will definitely hold you over until dinner time.

Salmon is a lean protein packed with essential fatty acids called Omega-3’s. For the perfect dinner, pair it with a sweet potato to satisfy your sweet tooth. The natural sugars in a sweet potato will fight post-work fatigue. Replace a sugar-filled dessert with some roasted pumpkin seeds which are high in zinc to balance healthy sex drive.

Can’t fall asleep? Midnight Snack: Tart cherries. This fruity snack will boost melatonin levels and release antioxidants to help you sleep better. Pair a few cherries with a hot cup of green tea (also full of antioxidants) before bed.