We are thrilled to welcome Danny Mynar into his new role as Travaasa Hana’s General Manager! Danny has been with the property for 10 years and brings his extensive hospitality experience to the position, along with a unique understanding of this special and magical place that can only come from being born and raised in Hana. Danny joined the property in 2002 as housekeeping manager and was later promoted to rooms manager and then assistant general manager.

As he works to settle in his new role among ocean views and Hawaiian hospitality (which isn’t bad), we managed to snag a few minutes with him. And no, these aren’t your typical boring Q&A questions, like hometown, favorite color and food. While all those are important, these help to show you a different side to Danny and why he will make a great addition.

Danny is waiting for the 49ers to clench the Super Bowl title.

He’s eaten a reptile and has his sights on some South American travel.

Still hanging on?

Just wait till you read the rest!

What is the most exotic food you’ve ever eaten?

As a young lieutenant in the Army attending desert training, I had a chance to eat fried Rattle Snake, not bad if you have ketchup, lots of ketchup.

What is your favorite indigenous plant or animal in Hawaii?

I would have to say the Ti leaf which has a very significant role in the Hawaiian history and culture.  In the traditional religious aspect, the Ti leaf is used  to protect individuals against harm and negative experience.  In a medicinal setting, the leaf can be used to fight fever and reduce inflammations.  In preparing a traditional Hawaiian food dish lau lau, the Ti leaf is used to wrap meat products, taro leaf, vegetables and steamed.

What is your favorite place in Hana?

Haneo’o loko, which is located about half a mile from our Hamoa Beach.  Haneo’o loko (an ancient Hawaiian fishpond) has been in my family for generations and is a favorite spot for local fishing or just throwing a towel on the red sand beach and having a picnic.

What was your first (or most unusual) job?

My first paying job was at the age of 15 working with my grandfather as a groundskeeper for local B&B business.

What is your favorite Hana tradition?

I have two favorite traditions, the first is our New Years Eve celebration in Hana, which is like no other place on Maui.  There is a 15 minute fireworks display at midnight just in front of the hotel, which has been going on for as long I can remember.  The locals and especially our guest love this annual event.

Second, is our annual Festivals of Aloha, which typically starts in October.  The week long event consists of the opening parade, lots of great food, a talent show, a fishing contest, shoreline golfing tournament, a luncheon for the elders (kupuna) and children events

What are three items on  your bucket list?

I would like to travel to Peru and see Machu Pichu, Visit historical sites of Jerusalem and see the San Francisco 49ers win a super bowl

What is your favorite Travaasa pillar and/or experience?

All of our experiences are fabulous and only made possible by our Travaasa team members.  Whether its Mapuana making leis, Ululani teaching hula, Doug playing the ukulele or Jerry’s fitness class, you can see that each team member truly loves what they are doing by our guest comments.  Back to the original question and being a man of the sea, I would have to say the “throw net” fishing experience would be my favorite.  Our instructor Andrew comes from a family of fisherman, and possesses a tremendous amount of knowledge of not just the ocean, but the land as well.