When searching for culture and adventure while traveling the answer to both is most often FOOD! It is no secret; Austin is quickly becoming a foodie mecca with all kinds of great eats. When looking for things to do in the hill country, the Mystery Box culinary class is a great way to have fun with local, seasonal ingredients. We proudly source the majority of our food from Hill Country Farms, from sweet potatoes to cucumbers to sweet onions; we even grow our herbs on property so this really showcases what our region grows well.

Also, guests are set up for success by having such wonderful quality proteins and produce to work with.  The class winds up really customizing to the cooking interests of our guests. So, the only limit is our imagination! My role winds up being that of cooking coach and the guests are the chefs. It is wonderful to witness the group loosen up and really have fun with the class as they really come up with remarkable food! I love that the box is ever changing in order to stay with the season.

About the Author

Martha Pincoffs joined the Travaasa team one short month ago to be the Demonstration Chef. She has been teaching people about fresh, local food for the past 2 years and believes that her purpose is to empower people around food. Her goal is to demystify the kitchen and encourage people to explore food in a whole new way! When asked why she likes working at Travaasa she explained, “The team environment at Travaasa is different than anywhere else I have worked. I feel like the people that work here genuinely care for and support each other. Beyond that, the way that the departments converge to offer our guests a holistic mind/body experience is truly unique.  I love teaching in an environment that is so naturally beautiful and supported by all of the  other experiences!”