Your spine serves as the super highway to your body. It carries, stores and sends information from the brain to the seven primary focal points of energy called Chakras. The word Chakra is sanskrit for “wheel,” so when one Chakra is out of balance, you are out of balance. Chakras allow us to fully experience and realize different events and feelings that may be presented to your body.

Now just like any highway there are traffic jams that can hinder our relationships with ourselves, with family, work, our community and our connection to Earth. As life gets hectic, as it always does, it may be easier than you expect for these traffic jams to arise. But with spring on the horizon, now is a better time than ever to clear your Chakras and prepare for the opportunities ahead.

Through a guided meditation at Travaasa Austin, we will take a journey through our “Chakras”, to help remove and clear the path so that prana, the vital life force, flows freely through your main energy centers, leaving you feeling balanced throughout your everyday life. By the end of one Chakra Cleansing class you will feel rebalanced, revitalized and more receptive to what the future may hold.

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