Travaasa Experiential Resort in Austin, TX introduces the Chicken Keeper Class! During your next stay plan to check out our blossoming farm, complete with rows of fresh growing veggies, an orchard and a chicken coop! In this class our Farm Manager, Kim Grabosky, will give a tour of our field and introduce you to the 100 chickens providing fresh eggs for Travaasa’s kitchen.  This hands on class will cover everything from the life cycle of a chicken and its needs to how to raise, handle and care for a backyard flock – plus an intro on how to setup a small coop to keep hens safe from predators while giving them room to roam. Collect eggs and hold a hen if you can catch one! You will gain an understanding and appreciation for what it takes to get fresh eggs in your home and how raising your own chickens can be an asset to your backyard and diet. Come along and enjoy an afternoon filled with fun, feathers and information about raising backyard chickens.