It’s National Square Dance Day, and here in Austin, we take our dancing pretty seriously…particularly the Texas Two Step.  Fitting into the Square Dancing community, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to talk about our favorite dance that’s taking Travaasa by storm.

This progressive dance proceeds counterclockwise around the floor, with a dashing duo partnering up for repetitive sets of three steps: a quick step, a quick step, and then a slow step. The partner stands facing the leader, where the leader places his right hand over his partner’s left shoulder.  The lead steps forward on his left foot, lifting his right heel for the first step, which is the first quick step.  Throw in plenty of spins, turns, and smiles, and you’re Texas Two Steppin’ in no time!  It can be danced to music with either a 2/4 or 4/4 time signature, so pick out your favorite Country tune! The basics are pretty simple to learn, so it’s a great dance for beginners to start.
So next time you’re at Travaasa Austin, make sure to grab your favorite pair of boots and cowboy hat and take a spin on the floor.  The best thing about the Texas Two Step?  It doesn’t just have to be done in Texas, meaning you can always impress your friends with your new skill once you get back from your getaway.