Nothing is worse than the hoards of exercise newbies hogging the treadmill at your neighborhood gym every January. Not to mention, the stale air circulating in that place is enough to make you seriously second-guess your dedication to fitness.

Delightfully refreshing outdoor workouts during the winter months are possible at Travaasa Hana, along with the chance to take a cool-off dip in the infinity pool post-sweat sesh. Not too shabby, ay?

Here are a few ideas for breaking a sweat in Hana:

Outdoor Circuit – Get ready to go through some tough intervals that will make your heart rate soar. Circuit training delivers maximum results in a minimum amount of time while promoting all-around fitness. Change your body and mind and mix up the moves and the intensity of the workout to keep you motivated – all while surrounded by 360 degree views of stunning scenery. What makes this interval training different? This workout uses natural landmarks around the beautiful property throughout the circuits including a few intervals right on the beach.

Coastal Walks – Not so pumped up about heavy breathing first thing in the morning? Start your day off with a coastal walk you’ll remember the rest of your life on a picturesque walking tour of Alau Island, a bird sanctuary with an unbelievable grouping of wind-tossed palm trees at its summit. Our guides will point out various native plants and animals (as well as “canoe plants,” plants brought to Hawaii by the first Polynesians more than 1,300 years ago to ensure their survival).

Coastal Workout – Sweat it out as the Pacific Ocean breeze cools you down during this coastal cardio workout. You’ll work up a serious sweat as you carry a sand-filled “pack” that intensifies your jog and serves as your resistance for a full-body workout.

Tennis – Travaasa Hana features two newly resurfaced tennis courts on property and tennis equipment is available for guests to use in the adjacent Makana Center.

Yoga for Mind and Body – Yoga at Travaasa Hana is unlike yoga anywhere else in the world. Held in the great outdoors or in the open-air Wellness Center, yoga is a wonderful technique to heal, detoxify and unify your mind and body to help fortify your awareness of movement, balance and intention.