The inspiration behind one of the finest gems of Austin Texas dining is none other than….a woman. 

Admittedly, we had a foodie crush. Let us take you on a mouth-watering journey of the inspirational woman behind Jean’s Restaurant. Jean Berry was a wife, mother, and friend to many with an incredible zest for life and entertaining charm. Born in Mexico but raised in Chicago and Denver working at the family’s Creamery, a penchant for the Southwest eventually led Jean to find love and establish a family of her own in Phoenix, Arizona. Here she spent hours in the kitchen experimenting with simple ingredients and crafting dishes from scratch. She adored traveling and the opportunity to truly experience new places and cultures – which can always be done by breaking bread. She fell in love with rustic Italian food and mastered her own gnocchi at home, which quickly became a family favorite. Jean went through an “Asian” phase, serving homemade pot stickers, egg rolls and exotic stir fry. Once, when preparing her signature Mexican green chili, she peeled so many chili peppers her hands completely blistered. In her life, she wrote and published several church cookbooks for the ordinary cook to benefit from her expertise. Jean Berry embodied the Travaasa spirit of travel, culture and cuisine. Her contagious joie de vivre is the inspiration for our Austin Texas dining temple.