Summer brings out the best in all of us. It’s a time for adventure, for being outdoors and learning new things. Here at Travaasa, we encourage our guests to go beyond their comfort zone and cultivate new experiences, which is the intention behind Dive Month this August. With a variety of exciting experiences to “dive” into, August is sure to be a month filled with new adventures.

From trying new types of fresh cuisine to diving into your inner spirit to stir up the magic, here are just a few ways to dive into life at Travaasa during the last month of Summer:

Dive Into Integrated Health. “Tai Chi Chuan” is loosely translated as “Supreme Ultimate Exercise or Skill.” Tai Chi Dive & Surf provides an invigorating exercise utilizing breath work, guided meditation and visualizations along with circular body movement to engage the entire body at once. The sequences are smooth, continuous and natural and generate health, longevity and internal strength and power. The practice of Tai Chi is simple yet profound and proposes the idea that everything in life is comprised of two opposing forces that harmonize with each other to create a whole, most often known as yin and yang.

Dive Into Your Energy. Chakras are the seven energetic channels located along the spine. Each chakra builds upon the next, traveling upwards from the tailbone to the top of the skull. This class will focus on accessing the first two chakras, which involve the feet, legs and lower back.

Dive Into Fitness. Wellness travel can be rewarding, especially when you can feel the calories melting away under the summer sun! Try a kettle bell workout for a full body exercise that will strengthen your muscles, increase agility and improve overall performance for all kinds of physical activities.

Dive Into Relaxation. Dive into a deep state of relaxation during a spa meditation practice that incorporates essential oils to promote mental rejuvenation and healing.

Dive Into Hydration. Staying hydrated in the hot summer months is extremely important for overall health, but not always easy. In this 30-minute demonstration, you will learn how to create flavored water that will actually make you excited to drink your next 8 ounces.

Dive Into Your Past. Our journaling focus in August will have you reflecting on your most cherished vacations of summers past, tapping into the memories of family and friends sipping cocktails and basking in the glow of great company.

Take a look at the experience schedule for more ideas on how to dive into life this August at Travaasa.