As summer comes to a close, Travaasa celebrates Dive Month.  Dive into the last month of Summer and plunge into something new as the sun sets on your summer vacation.  Take advantage of the adventures surrounding you before Fall approaches and live each day to the fullest during Dive Month.


Dive into Pilates for a stronger torso and increased core stability, which creates greater range of motion, stronger, more controlled movement and a leaner, more toned physique.

We are on our feet a lot and most of the time we do not pay attention to it. Learning how to use our feet with proper mechanics is essential for their health and the other joints above, including your back.  Going deeper into our feet, massaging them, learning good mechanics and strengthening them will allow us to stay mobile and afloat, surfing to an overall better posture and healthier lifestyle.

Create some friendly competition as you jump, spike and dive into action with pool volleyball in the infinity pool or cool off with a game of soaker golf. This game uses water blasters and small cups in place of golf balls. The general concept is simple: Launch the cup and have it land in the bucket using as few squirts as possible.

Tai Chi Chuan means Supreme Ultimate Boxing.  Used as an exercise for health—utilizing breathing, visualizations and circular movements to work the entire body at once—it would loosely translate as supreme ultimate skill.  The movements are smooth, continuous, and natural and generate health, longevity and internal strength and power. Tai Chi Dive and Surf is simple yet profound, proposing the idea that everything consists of two opposing forces that harmonize with each other to create a whole.


Eating raw food and juicing during your vacation is a great way to uphold high energy levels while still enjoying a tasty meal.  Learn how blending raw vegetables and fruits help to make valuable nutrients more readily available to the body. Sample some raw food juices and dive into a healthier lifestyle.


Dive into your past with journaling by reflecting on beach and water holidays from your past, or capture memories from your current Travaasa adventure.


Kick off the last weekend of summer at Travaassa Hana for the Labor Day Mountain Ball Tournament.  Hana’s traditional end-of-summer event takes place at the Hana Ballpark, which was built in the 1940s to hold the San Francisco Seals summer camp owned by Paul Fagan, who established Travaasa in 1946.  Teams from all over Hawaii travel to Hana for this community event, which includes entertainment and lots of cheering!