There’s something about being in the water that makes any vacation feel official. We love our pools, paddle boarding and picnicking at Hamoa Beach, but it doesn’t stop there. In Austin, test your strength with our aqua pilates class for a full workout. In Hana, we recommend starting your day with a dip in the pool during our water aerobics. Definitely better than a morning at the gym. Need more options? We’ve got you covered.

Aqua Pilates in Austin

Pilates practice is a well-rounded exercise method that works with the deeper muscles along the spine. These are very important muscles for one’s posture and mobility. Dive into this practice (literally) for a modified version of the technical exercise in our infinity pool. With water weights and the body’s resistance, the class will go through movements that focus on strengthening the torso and increasing the core’s stability. Continuing practice will create a greater range of motion, stronger movements, more toned physique (and a dose of Vitamin C, too!).

Aqua Aerobics in Hana

A fun way to kick off your day! Get wet with other guests as well as some of our local community members (Kupuna) while enjoying the standard benefits of any exercise. The enhanced weightlessness of aqua aerobics protects the body and reduces the risk of muscle or joint injury, placing less stress on the joints when stretching, and can allow a greater range of motion. Aqua aerobics is safe for individuals who prefer to keep their heads out of water. You do not even have to be a strong swimmer to participate in aqua aerobics!

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

Join this beginner level class and experience the history of Stand Up Paddling, past and present. Learn the basic techniques during a 30-minute ground instruction, then paddle for joy in the Hana Bay and Lake Travis! During your paddling session, you will learn the history and cultural significance of the local waters you explore and the natural beauty that surrounds you!

Canoe Adventure in Hana

Ho’omakaukau! Get Ready! Here we go! Learn how to paddle in our very-own Travaasa outrigger canoe. Expect a full body workout, paddling the 4-man vessel along spectacular views of coral reefs and Hana Bay. Your expert guides will share stories of Hana town, as well as oli (chants) and mele (songs) that will enhance your paddling adventure. Don’t be too surprised if you see a turtle or dolphin swim by, after all, they live here. I ka hoe i ka wa’a!